HEROINE 4 / Hurricane Tequila (The Muse cover)


For our fourth issue, we present four covers:

THE LOVERS Beautiful and humid, shot by Yelena Yemchuk and styled by Karen Kaiser

THE MUSE Chinese supermodel Fei Fei Sun stripped back by Emma Summerton and styled by Gro Curtis

With two collector’s edition covers

THE ADVOCATE London designer Claire Barrow collaborates with long-time friend Eloise Parry

THE ARTIST Designer Phoebe English wears her own collection, shot by Greta Ileva, styled by Hanna Kelifa


London’s new generation is spearheaded by two genre-breaking designers: Claire Barrow collaborates with long-time friend and photographer Eloise Parry to create one of our limited edition covers, and the pair are in discussion for an interview, with photos from Parry and drawings from Barrow. For our second limited edition cover, Phoebe English is photographed wearing her own collection by Greta Ilieva and styled by Hanna Kelifa.

Designer Julien Dossena is reigniting Paco Rabanne with steady resolve, and speaks with us about working with architects to bring a new dimension to the house’s future. Iconic skater Alex Olson discusses growing his brand Bianca Chandon into a runway show and the dangers of diluting creativity. Musician Jenny Lee Lindberg branches out from Warpaint into a highly anticipated solo career.

Our current affairs essay On Film addresses the ‘trending’ subject of women’s position in Hollywood, and digs deeper into the power structures that prevent more female directors flourishing. Ella Purnell, star of Tim Burton’s latest film talks dream roles and fear of Hollywood rejection and we explore the devil’s dalliances with lyrics through the centuries in Satanic Verses.

Actresses Samira Wiley (Orange is the New Black) and Skyler Samuels (Scream Queens) take a deep breath before a year of career-defining roles. Designer Christopher Shannon’s womenswear gets into its stride and breakout bands Black Honey, LA Witch and Death Valley Girls project smooth, swamp sounds across the bayou.

Fresh life is injected into fashion’s future-looking Courrèges, and NASA scientist Dr Abigail Allwood leads the search for life on Mars. Gamer Alexis Ong explores the idea of how computer environments affect our ideas of self and nostalgia in Virtually Real, and murky narratives emerge from the misty dusk in our short fiction
Swamp Stories.

Plus over 200 pages of fashion:

Carter Smith and Paul Sinclaire travel to the ends of the rocky earth, Emma Summerton and Gro Curtis explore possession in New Orleans, Fabien Kruszelnicki and Steve Morriss shoot a retro-future warrior in Dawn of the Sun, Yelena Yemchuk and Karen Kaiser capture perfectly the dusky glow of a night in the Hollywood Hills. Michael Avedon shoots the top faces this season. Blair Getz Mezibov creates a new vision of Alexander McQueen, Greta Ilieva and Jack Borkett explore Love & Death through a series of slightly unsettlingly beautiful images. Nicole Maria Winkler and Vittoria Cerciello travel to Mexico for Frida Survived a Tropical Storm.

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